Last Confirmed Photo of "Nick Nameless"

NickNameless Saddle Rock

People often ask, “How did you get that nickname?” Welp, here is that story: To the best of my memory this happened in the summer of 2000 when I was not yet 18 years old. Around that time, a group of guys from my town would get together on Sunday afternoons to play Ultimate Frisbee. Between games we would sit around and shoot the bull. One day the topic of nicknames came up and my very good friend was asked, “Hey Jake, how did you get the nickname ‘Big Head’?” To which our buddy Robbie responded, “Look at his head, it’s huge!” And when the laughter settled the lens was focused on me, “What’s your nickname?” “Nothing ever stuck,” I said. At which point Big Head piped up, “He’s NickNameless!” And I’ve been NickNameless ever since.

My Left Foot

My Left Leg

October 7th, 2010 at about 11:49pm I was returning home from a friends house and lost control of my bicycle. I dropped into a 180 degree turn at about 22 mph effectively corkscrewing myself into the asphalt. A compound torsional fracture was the result, breaking both bones in my lower left leg. I had two surgeries: 1st to insert a rod and five screws, and a 2nd to remove two of the screws. I was out of work for about 6 weeks. While laid up I put on about 40lbs. It has been 2 years; I’ve lost 30lbs and I am happily running and riding again.

My Ink

Story of my Ink

People often ask me about my tattoo; here is that story: For my 25th birthday I planned a “Quarter Century” solo motorcycle trip. I went from Rochester to Albany to Providence to Philly to Boston and back to Rochester. The day after my birthday I was riding in the middle lane of 95 south, right near TF Green airport, when my pack started to come loose. My sleeping bag swung down, caught my rear wheel, got sucked up under my tail and locked up the bike at about 70mph. I realized very quickly what was happening and managed to stop the bike without laying it down. 2 cars blocked me in safely, helped me get the bag unstuck and the motorcycle to the side of the road. I was OK and finished the trip without further incident. I got the tattoo to commemorate the trip and to never forget the experience.

What's Important?

Paid In Full

These events, among many others, helped me understand what is important to me. Becoming debt free was the thing that stood out the most. I developed a very aggressive plan and in October of 2011 I paid off all of my debt. Student loans, Medical dept, my car, and my credit cards - zero debt. I’ve had a sense of freedom ever since. Quality of life is just as important to me as a good salary. I don’t need *any* job that will pay me. I want to love my work. I want to talk glowingly about my clients and my colleagues. Vacations should be adventures and opportunities for new experiences; not just a temporary reprieve from the grind. I want to live in a place where a metro pass, a bicycle and a motorcycle are all I need for transportation. I want to eat well and be healthy. I don’t want to choose between these things and my Career.

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